ALPINANEPTUNE produces a wide range of burners and feeders for the heavy clay industry which are capable of meeting all technical requirements and safety standards. Their implementation is linked both with the area of application and with the used fuel.

The distinction between the names: burner and feeder indicates a machine which is able to provide directly to the phenomenon of combustion as it is composed of a combustion chamber with a spark plug, which means it is a machine whose purpose is to inject the fuel, or a mixture of fuel and air inside the kiln. In that mentioned case, the ignition takes place within the kiln in the areas where the temperature is higher than the ignition temperature of the fuel.

Therefore, our range of products composed of gas burners and pet coke, coal and biomass, heavy oil, gas, hybrid feeders can be employed in the ignition phase of the kiln (burners), in the preheating zone of the kiln (burners), in the firing zone of the kiln (burners and feeders).

Particular attention is given to the enclosures if the rods inserted inside the feeding firing openings of the kiln. They are divided into two types:

Burner rod: it is composed of an element in stainless drawn tube steel having an outer diameter of 100 mm which is installed in the lower part a cone-shaped toe made of silicon carbide having a wall thickness of 5.00 mm able to resist the firing temperatures gained within the burner.

Feeder rod: it is composed of an element made of stainless drawn tube steel having an outer diameter of 35 mm and wall thickness of 1,5. mm. A steel toe made of refractory steel and having walls thickness of mm. 3,5 is welded at the bottom, able to resist the temperature inside the kiln and the possible chemical aggression due to the substances included in the clay.

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For asiatic south and far east Countries

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