Solid Burning equipment for following types of brick kiln:


Hoffman kiln that can guarantee a controlled fuel/air ratio, a good size of the fuel and above all that to be easy to handle. Basically the machine has to be not too cumbersome and heavy. We suggest using burners "self grinding" type having a small mill of built-in grinding. The grain size will be good but not perfectly controllable. It depends essentially on the wear and tear of the mill hammers over time. We could supply one machine for local industrial test before purchasing


Fuel crushing and distribution unit, ensuring perfect coal firing. JYOTI model burner is the result of our great experience in the Sirio gas model for hoffman BTK kiln in Egypt. In designing the model, therefore, the physical and environmental stresses to which the machine is continuously subjected have been taken into high consideration. We tried to limit the electrical components as much as possible. All The electronic components which are essentially very sensitive elements, are excluded. A very strong containment structure has been created, the profile of the air chamber rotor has been carefully studied, the internal parts are made of wear-resistant materials. The machine is therefore studied accordingly with the following characteristics:

  • Electrical boxes and motors with IP 65 protection rating.
  • Electrical components in class II protection.
  • Electric cables protected by flexible helicoidal coils with external braiding made of high-strength stainless steel.
  • fan with speed control and injection
  • Compact overall dimensions,
  • internal elements in special materials to avoid wear and tear (hammer, hammer disk, diffuser and rack)
  • Supply hose of the air-in-air mixture
  • Injectors with refractory steel terminal element
  • Burner units, available in 6 or 8 fuel injector
  • firing control by timer to avoid thermocouple presence
  • Injection orifices with manual flow regulation
  • High versatility for every kind of solid fuel.
  • Operating working guarantee 24 months

For asiatic south and far east Countries

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